Friday, 8 June 2012

Friday June 8, 2012

First and best news:  I had my meeting with the King on Friday afternoon and presented our project to him!

He thought it was all very good, and he also asked me if I would advise his staff on the best way to update from VHS camcorders to better modern video technology.

Of course I said "You Betcha!", so there may be more visits to Kumasi in my future.  We'll see.

Sorry, no photo of me or Kwasi with the King, but here's one with his top advisors on the front steps of his house right after our meeting.   I sat right next to him with my laptop, as close to the King as I am to these guys.  It was kind of cool.

Fun Fact: This King is the only king in Ghana that is recognized by other world royalty.  There are others that try to call themselves "The King of Ghana", but the story here goes when one went to England and attempted to present himself as such for an audience with the Queen, she asked "Did your King in Kumasi send you?"  When he answered no, he was given a brochure about public tours of Buckingham Palace.  Whether true or just an urban legend, it's still a good story.

Spent most of the day Friday working out the details of using iMovie to capture after all attempts at getting Quicktime to work the way it did in Ann Arbor failed to pan out.

iMovie works pretty much the same as the original plan - you can see the video capture screen and use the database at the same time - but I had to kluge together a way for us to hear audio while capturing.  More on that later.

But our students were busy numbering the 2500+ tapes in the library.  Here's Sam going down the rows from the floor….


And here's Eric working the high ground.

This is a typical yew of what the tape shelves look like.

Note the tape labels (mostly) still affixed to the shelf edges and cassette spines.

Here's a closer shot, showing our number labels as well.

Hasta la vista, baby...

Saturday June 9

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