Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Wednesday June 6, 2012

Wednesday morning - some random shots.

All of us at Elmina Castle.  There are a lot of short students in this group.

OMG! You guys, there's WiFi here!" - waiting for the Chief to arrive at our first palace stop (this is not the one where we are working).

Removing shoes before entering a Chief's Palace

Salima greets the Chief with Courtney looking on.

Students pose with the Chief and his top aide.  Guess who is taking the photo?  
       (Hint:  it's someone that met this chief last summer...)

"Baby on Board" has a 
very different meaning 
in Ghana.

This is a very typical view in urban Ghana.  I took this while we were driving around Kumasi delivering students to their host families.  Traffic was pretty light when I took this.

You see many, many , many buildings painted like the one below, or perhaps some other color and with some other cell phone company on them.  "glo" in one of several companies that will paint your building for free if they can make it advertising for their service.  While at first this is a bit disconcerting, it is actually really good for the economy.  People get hired to do the painting, paint sellers sell paint & supplies, and people get a fresh coat of paint on their building.

But you do end up with a LOT of buildings painted among a choice of 3 or 4 colors that are all one solid color like this one.

Dinner guest, or dinner?

Someone more interesting than me once said that when all of humanity is long gone, all that will be left are cockroaches sitting in these ubiquitous plastic chairs.

I just liked this image:

Some shots of the KNUST Lodge where Kwasi & I are staying:

The Lobby; front entry is on the left (and the right); stairs to rear courtyard in the center

The rear courtyard; Dining Room on the right, doors to the Lobby on the left

The Restaurant/Dining Room is below; door is on the right side of the pano.
And I could get oatmeal for breakfast!

That's all, folks.  See you next time when I tell you about our dinner and show with the former Catholic Archbishop, or as he refers to himself: "Dis-Grace" (as in "former Your Grace"...the guys a natural stand-up comic).

Thursday June 7

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  1. It's so great to get these updates. Your photos are great.